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Who We Are

We are more than just an agency. We are a group of professionals with wide-ranging experience in communication, marketing and technology, using our collective experience to create personalized strategies to get results for clients who want to strengthen their brand and business. With a diverse and multi disciplinary team, including journalists, copywriters, publicists, designers, illustrators and developers, Punto is ready to serve those needing a full package – a new brand positioning – or specific actions to improve their relationship with their target audiences in the press and on social media, a new site or intranet, monitoring and content, among other services.

What We Do

You tell us what you need
and we offer a solution

It could be a new site, a reformulated intranet, an app to gain customer loyalty, management of social media, monitoring to know what is being said about your company, relationships with journalists and social media influencers to improve your brand’s visibility and engagement or videos and infographics to get you closer to your target audience in a more playful and instructive manner.

Or it could even be a more complete solution, aligning all of these services strategically, utilizing technology to make everything more affirmative and interesting.

But if you aren’t sure what your strategy is missing, that's fine, we can analyze your business and the way that your company communicates and relates with its target audiences and propose communication, marketing and technological solutions to help meet your company’s goals.




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